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Calendar Management Tips to Improve your Productivity in 2018

Time management is essential for individuals to improve performance. You may seem held up and doing things most of the time, but this isn’t to say that you are being productive. Sometimes, you may fail to complete assignments and think that you had insufficient time. The problem may not be the lack of time but rather how you schedule time and what proportion you allocate to the most essential or crucial tasks. The use and application of various time management tips can assist you to improve your productivity. Notably, studies indicate that the best hours to be productive are in the mornings. In other words, your achievements in the morning hours may determine your productivity level. This means that you should prioritize your most important tasks and allocate them time in the mornings. Doing this can allow you to easily focus and thus complete important tasks. This is not the time for several or lengthy meetings or even doing emails.

It is essential that you avoid time wasters. Among the time wasters is when you schedule meetings and the other people fail to attend. This time can help you achieve other goals instead of getting wasted. Adopt a habit of disseminating meeting reminders to parties supposed to attend meetings. For instance, you can adopt Text reminders and confirmations as your strategy to avoid the time waster. With some apps, you can easily integrate the Text reminders with the calendar. When you send out the Text reminders, then parties can confirm if they will attend or otherwise. This time waster has effectively been avoided by people who have embraced using Text Reminders. Text reminders can thus work as a strategy to avoid time wastage.

Further, you should do away with multitasking since it makes it almost impossible to fully concentrate on any task. Limit distractions and concentrate on a task at a time. Ensure you work with boundaries and avoid giving too much attention to colleges and friends. In case you get an invitation to attend a meeting, ensure that it is a meeting with agenda. You can also opt to use the Text reminders to ensure that the other parties have not forgotten about the meeting. Color coding the calendar is also critical. For instance, it will assist to differentiate the business tasks from the personal ones, as well as more challenging tasks and the easy ones. Above all, set yourself up for success. Since you have the calendar, you can see all the activities you need to complete, their importance and then allocate time to complete each.