I No Longer Feel Ancient

I had not been to a chiropractor since I was involved in a car accident when I was just a teenager. I only went because my parents made me go, but I admitted even then that the chiropractic treatments did make me feel much better. I guess I thought that because I was a senior football player, I was too tough to need something like that. Now that I am a few decades older, I have lost that teen cockiness. I knew that I needed to find a chiropractor in Phoenix soon because my quality of life just seemed to decrease with each passing year.

Granted, my kids think that I am ancient, but I knew that I was too young to be feeling as rough as I was. I used to be quite active, but sometimes I just wanted to come home from work and relax the entire evening. That is one of the reasons why my kids think I am older than dirt, I guess. I was tired of feeling that way though, and a few of my friends suggested that I see a chiropractor to help figure out what was wrong with me.

I recalled the time I had went when I was a kid, and I knew that it was a good idea. It did not take me long to find the one I wanted to use, as he accepts the kind of insurance I have. It was more than just that though. I liked the reviews I read about his practice, and I was able to see just days later why people feel so comfortable at his office. I had my first adjustment on my back that day, and I went in a few more times in the next two weeks. It really did work wonders, because I started having more energy almost right away. My kids still call me ancient, but they know that I can once again keep up with them because of my regular chiropractic visits now.